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    Exclamation what kinda test?

    im planning on my next cycle soon, i use to have a bad acne problem, and now im like 90% improved, so what kinda test should i take that will be less harsh on my face? im gunna be stacking it with winstrol tabs.

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    eh, test is test bro. the more androgenic the more acne sides. dbol , abombs, and test are notorious for acne/increase oil production. if you wanna stray from it try deca , eq, etc...anything less androgenic. even with deca and eq some still experience acne though...get some accutane maybe? it'll hinder some of your gains though...good luck


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    get on some accutane then! if you are susceptible to acne like myself, brace yourself, and take some accutane, i know there are plenty of sides, but if you don't want pimples, this may be your only way out if you are insistent on taking test

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