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    Question Need 1st Cycle Advice

    Ok, here's my info:

    Im 29, 5'8 ectomorph . Been lifting inconsistently throughout my 20s, with little gains until about 1 year and a half ago. Im not sure what happened, (perhaps my metabolism slowed, or maybe cuz im less active now, maybe cuz i know what im doing a bit more) but i went from an anorexic 115 to a still skinny, but more athletic looking 150 with a little help from creatine in under a year.

    Not sure about my bodyfat but its probably not high as ive been a rail all my life.

    I bench about 180max
    have squatted 185 for 20 at my best
    have deadlifted 200+ for sets of 4
    15 chins

    my wrists are the size of pencils, 29 inc waist, etc.

    although these numbers are probably not even warm up weights for you guys, for me, it is alot of weight.

    I am ready for my first cyle of gear.

    My goal is to have a ripped bruce lee physique. More of an underwear model look than a bodybuilder look (not that i even have the genes for that).

    What i would like to do is gradually 15-20 lbs of muscle. But im weary of blowing up to quick because 1. People will know im using gear 2. I don't think my little body's skin will be able to cope with 2 much size at once, and i don't want stretch marks.

    AFter doing some research, i was thinking of doing a 10 week deca only cycle at a very safe dosage of something like 300-400 mgs /week.

    I know that many people suggest throwing a test/sust in there as well. But i keep reading mixed opinions on this...

    Also, what would a very "mild" test/deca or test/eq stack for someone of my bodyweidhgt? Would eq be better for me to achieve the ripped look?

    Right now im leanign towards deca only to start and see how my body reacts. I guess that my natural test is very low to begin with so i dont' think i would have to take much for it to be effective.

    Comments? Advice?

    Thanks in advance for helping out us newbs


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    Anavar , Winny and Nandrolone Decanoate or if you can get it Durabolin IMHO would be a great first cycle....min. sides with this and it will get you over any strength sticking points and growth yet still let you have plenty of larger cycles to come.

    If I could do my first cycle over it would be with these compounds.

    Why.... well there is little negative sides from this cycle and you will still have great "First cycle Gains" on 2ND cycle by adding a more agressive compound like Test.

    Also this cycle will offer good strength gains which is a major plus IMHO !!!

    Then see how you feel and where you are at.

    It is just IMO but Test needs be put less in 1st cycles.

    Start with much lighter compounds and go for long term gains.

    Well just my 2 cents hope they help ???
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