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    Unproportioned Body...

    hey guys i have a depressing dilema, my whole left side of my body is totally in better shape than my right... i mean every little thing, my chest, arms, back, traps, you name it, its noticeably larger than my right.. anyone have this problem, if so how do i correct it...??? any help much appreciated!!

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    Are you suer this isn't some misconception of yourself or over reaction? Have you asked others if they notice it as well? Do that first and foremost. We often had a way of blowing nothing out of proportion and it would be a tricky matter to significantly build one entire side of the body more than another. Sure we have our weaker sides usually but it shouldn't be significant all over the place.

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    and if that doesn't work. Stick to dumbbells for everything.

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    Hey BigBrownBOY i feel what your saying. My left pec is bigger then my right. Reason for that is because i tore one of the tendons that connect the right pec to the left bicep, My right pec is all fucked up. I mean it's not that bad, but i know it's there. Anyway because my right pec is a little weaker then my left pec my right tricep has to pick up some of the slack, and that sucks because my right tricep is about 1/2 inch bigger, and about 20% stronger then my left. ugh it sux.

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