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Thread: Size and Speed

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    Size and Speed

    I have been doing much research outside of Anabolic Review, however, I thought I would write to you, experienced persons and ask your advice.

    I am a football player 6'2", 180 pounds with 12% body fat and 21 years old. I would like to put on some solid mass, however, being a football player, I am worried that I may lose some speed if I use certain types of anabolics.

    I have really heard some good things about Winstrol , however, it seems it is near impossible to get "real" stuff. Test will do good things for size but still worried about slowing down. Deca -Durabolin seems to be a happy medium but not exactly sure.


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    I am no pro but i'll say,i have done 3 cycles sut's&deca and never slow any

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    This has more to do with the type of exercises you do rather than what AS you use, with the AS issue it all comes down to how much water you hold which will not make you loose speed anyway. Also if you are going to be tested you better do some more research becuase you've got some bad choices posted.

    Like I said the real matter is the type of training you use I'd advise you to read as many articles as you can at

    good luck,


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    i'm also a football player, and i did a fina/dbol cycle and actually increased my speed while gaining 15lbs. I think the increase in speed could be partially due to the increase in explosiveness from the fina. I also hit alot of power cleans during the cycle which also helped with the speed. If you're not doing power cleans then don't even bother with a cycle. My vertical leap also went up 4".

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    If your looking to be a better foot ball player, go with what your thinking.

    Winstrol is a performance drug, not a mass builder.

    The same thing Ben Johnson was using when he set the human speed record. Its not any harder to get than any other AS out their.

    Stack that with some Fina maybe to make sure the size and strength also comes and you'll be golden.

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    If you do not do exercises to keep you speed, then you might see a little decrease? But you are building muscle and if done right, you can increase your speed greatly...ex: BEN JOHNSON.

    Just my .02

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