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    glutamine prevents overtraining catabolism

    around 6 month ago I finished a 8 week cycle of sust and winni.
    Ive heard that when youre off the juice you should step down your workout rotine. to prevent muscle catabolism. well I decided not to do so and keep on training five days a week 1 1/2 hour of intense not more than two bodyparts. some times I evenn go 6days.Ive kept the same intensity and time of the workout post cycle.strictly following the correct glutamine cycle (along with a high protein diet and a multamine)including putting a few grams of gluttamine on my workout water bottle.Ive been very discipline with all the post cycle rotines.exept the usual. I did not take clomid not hcg post cycle.intead took TRIBESTRONE(a highly concentrated natural herbal medicine to stimulate natural test production.) Its been 6 month Ive maintained my mass and added to it ,the few water that I retained has been lost,making me even more point been is that when you take gluttamine correctly and with discipline. I diminishes catabolism from overtrainig. or in my case can even help to add mass by preventing it.

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    That is true. Glutamine is a good supp. However, 6 months is quite a while after a cycle. That is plenty of time for your natural test produciton to get going again, at which point more progress can be made provided you're not past your genetic potential.

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    That's good info for everyone both natural and chemically challenged. Thanks for the info.

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    not sure about glutamine, but creatine isnt stable in water,ie.; it losses its potency. otherwise i agree, glutamine is a good product." i also agree about Bill selling us out! "

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