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    Hairloss problem Propecia, avocar, or finastred which is better?

    Ok im will be going on fina, winny, and test prop which one of those hairloss pills would be best to get? I heard that propecia isn't good to be on while running winny is this true? Please help I'm gettin really thin on top

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    ok bro proscar propecia and fincar carry the same
    chemical which is finasteride it's very effective if you really decide to use it do 1.25mg for every 500mg of test you do but here is the problem by doing roids you will shutdown your natural test doing finasteride you will kill your libido system i dont know and is none of my business how important your dick is for you, all i'm doing is sharing this info for you and whoever who wants to
    read it...

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    You are better off with a topical anti-androgen. I personally use a topical oil (Horse Oil) with crushed proscar and spirolactone tabs that penetrate and work on the scalp well. It works so well that even the manufacturers of Propecia have a patent on a topical Propecia. This way you target just the scalp which ingesting it will not do.

    You can use it at night when you sleep.

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