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    I may have injected into a blood vessel. ???

    Yesterday I injected 1.5cc of t400/eq in my quad with a 25g 1" pin. I went about 90% in because people say to leave a tiny bit out just in case the pin breaks. I then aspirated and got bubbles so I was good to go. As I was injecting and pushing down on the plunger, I pressed a little too hard and the pin went all the way in, I just kept applying slow, constant pressure and finished injecting the oil. Just as I finished and released pressure from the plunger, blood started coming up into the syringe. I freaked for a second, but just tried to stay calm and relaxed. I pulled out and applied pressure with an alcohol cotton swab and ended as normal.

    Now, I'm thinking at the point I pressed the needle in a little deeper, I must have hit a blood vessel and injected my juice in there. It's now the next day and everything seems to be okay, I had a fairly good workout, but I'm wondering if I wasted my shot.

    If you accidently inject into a blood vessel, does that shot go to waste?

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    you're cool

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    YOu're okay, believe me you would've known if you hit a blood vessel. You would've gotten light headed, heart rate would've have increased and so forth. I bleed more in my thighs than I do any place else. Hell you guys have got to remember, you are sticking a needle deep inside your muscle tissue, it is gonna bleed... LOL

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    Hey thanks Sicilian, I was wondering if it was normal that I bled all the time in my quads. More so in my quads than my glute.

    Thanks for the infor.

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    LOL, just gotta cut people some slack sometimes, people get so paranoid that any little thing that happens makes them think that something is terribly wrong. Happens to everyone.

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