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Thread: Tendon Pain?

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    Unhappy Tendon Pain?

    well, i'm on the home stretch of some fina/winny/prop cycle and have been expierencing some sort of pain in the inside/mid elbow region.

    i'm afraid it might be tendons as it started a few weeks ago during baseball, but we've had 2 weeks off now and its comming back for some reason. (in which i havent done anything extremely physical except my usual training routine)

    the pain can best be described as a "dull" "shooting" type pain that comes and goes very quickly.

    anyone ever experience anything similiar? i'm beginning to wonder if it may have something to do with the winny? not too sure though.


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    bro i have the same thing. i get it when i curl barbells and shit and it hurts like a mofo. what is that?? bump!

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    Probably the Winny Joint pain.

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    Winny joint pain. I still have it a little bit, but it is a common side effect of Winny. Hurts like hell, and hampered me on alot of workouts. I was told that once you stop the Winny, it goes away; but I still have some minor joint pain.

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