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    Question Mods, need opinion of cycle, primo/sust

    I am 5'9" 175, solid. I have been training religiously for four years now and am certified as an RTS and CPT so I'm good with routine planning, but I need input on a cycle. My goals are to gain about 15lbs of very lean muscle. I am definately opposed to using any pills, I prefer injections. I am planning this for my first stack:
    wk1: primo 200ml/sust 250 200ml
    Wk2: Primo 300ml/ no sust
    Wk3&4: primo 300ml/sust 250 200ml
    Wk5: same as wk2
    Wk6: same as wk 3
    Wk7&8: primo 300ml
    As for Clomid, I don't know excactly how much to use, I am under the assumption that I should use it for weeks 7,8 and 9 or 8,9 and 10.
    Also is Nolvadex necessary with only 4 amps of sust?
    Thanks for any input.

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    bro - you have complicated things unnecessarily and in a way that will not bring good results. if those are the 2 that you have decided after more study that you want to use, then a 8-10 week cycle is to be used and basically run it with 500mg sust and 2-300mg of primo, tking the sust 2x per week. that will get you some results but you need to read up around here and do some research it sounds like before you do anything - clomid should be started 3 weeks after the last sust inject

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