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Thread: Short Cycles

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    Short Cycles

    Hey there all....
    Great site! And great contributors!

    I'm going to start my first cycle and have decide to make it simple.
    winstrol 50mg Every Other day.
    (I do plan on doing a Win 50 EOD/Deca 400mg Wk cycle, perhaps the next time around...i'm easing into it in a controlled manner.)

    Now the questions (keep in mind this is for Winny 50mg EOD):
    I was planning on doing 2 months on and 2 off before starting my second cycle, but i ran across some info on short cycles
    3 wks on
    1 wk off
    2 wks on
    3 off

    After the 3 off, I would be ready for the next cycle.
    Any opinions on long versus short cycles?

    Secondly i have some clomid questions
    For the long cycle (2 months on/ 2 months off):
    I was planing on taking clomid for 2 weeks after the end of the cycle. Should i start it during te last week as an anti-estrogen as well as 2 weeks after in order to restart the body's production of gonadotrophins?

    For the short cycle:
    Where would i fit the clomid into the off periods? (1wk off, 3 wk off)

    And finally,
    All the above questions when i start my second cycle with Win/Deca.

    Thanks in Advance!

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    winstrol needs to be taken everyday

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    Winny veryday and the rule of thumb is that your clean for as long as you on the gear. Try a little longer cycle you see better results try 100mg winnie everyday along with the deca

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    I'm for shorter cycles, but I'd aim for more of a minimum of 5 weeks. That one wek off in the middle there will do dick ass all for ya. Waste of time.

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