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Thread: Props to Mugs

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    Mike Guest

    Props to Mugs

    Alright ya'll Mugs may seem like a distant moderator that really doesn't contribute a darn thing to the board......and that's true. LOL Just kidding

    Actually ya'll proly know that Ptby is one of the creators of this site - well you may NOT know that Mugs is also one of the creators. He has put TONS of time and energy into this board and it's something he should be pretty proud of. I am watching this board get better and better by the day. I really believe this will eventually become the new 'standard' in anabolic message boards. We got some GREAT vets and MODS on this board and an incredible group of members. The board gets more and more interactive and efficiently functional every time I sign on. New features are constantly added and this is turning into a board that is not only a very effective and efficient interface - but also has top notch functionality.

    We may be one of the ONLY boards on the net to have the extensive forums that we do for females that are created in such a way that they may feel safe giving and receiving advice without worrying about immature porn mongers

    We have a more active non-anabolic forums section than most boards. Most post all their fitness/diet/supps question in the steroid boards - we actually use our alternate forums.

    Bottom line is that this board is my ONLY home on the net and for VERY good reason. And a lot of that is attributed to a man that really hasn't been recognized for it. So if you've liked, appreciated and been helped by this site - bump this up for Mugs.

    peace -


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    ptbyjason Guest
    bump for mugs... must admit though he is the main man, I am just a humble assistant that does the grunt work. jk

    He's worked very hard getting this thing going from the ground up and I am glad to see he is finally posting.

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    The Iron Game Guest
    it must be the clomid but that was so sweeeeet

    I gotta agree with everything you have said Mike and WB Mugs

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    Mugs Guest
    Oh shit Mike, I think the tears just broke the seal! Trying to hold back but.... Really, I appreciate that bro. This board is a hobby for me and was started as such. I am as addicted to this as many of you are. I dont need credit... I want everyone to come here on their off days and get their questions answered by people like OUR MODS ( who absolutely KICK ASS ) As well as to get that little shove into the motivated mode that so many of us need from time to time. It has been so rewarding to see sooo many people come here and NOT get flamed because of the questions they ask. More and more people are sharing pictures of themselves with us to get critiqued, and that says alot. PEOPLE are becoming comfortable with us! The board would not be THE BOARD without all of you! I will never make any of you PAY to be here. All I ask it that you do things safely (if you are going to do them no matter what I say) "You should not us anabolic steroids without a doctors supervision!" (HAD TO SAY THAT FOR LIABILITY REASONS ) Please inform the mods if you see bullshit occuring and we will stop the user from returning, no questions asked. We don't need a million members, although that would be NICE, to bombard us with bullshit questions and posts. I LOVE our little family! PtbyJason used to be employed by me, but now does all of this for YOU for nothing. He is the man to thank for this awsome board. I was just the idea man. Anyway,This will be my last post like this because I don't have the estrogen levels for this! Thanks for the kind words Mike.

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    Mugs Guest
    P.S. I am not a scholar and my spelling SUCKS!

    That ..all

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    Pete235's Avatar
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    Lets bump this one again.


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    Nathan's Avatar
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    Word. We wouldn't be here were it not for Mugs and PtbyJason, those magnificent bastards.

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    pureanger is offline Senior Member
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    Back from Hell
    Mugs thanks for everything

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    RON's Avatar
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    So Cal
    Originally posted by Mugs
    P.S. I am not a scholar and my spelling SUCKS!

    That ..all
    My spelling sucks too. Don't even sweat it. Its just nice to see the man behind the board being able to enjoy it a little.

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    CYCLEON Guest
    HUGE props to mugs - even if i dont remember when you posted 630 of those 678 posts of yours (uv been hanging around mike too long) HA!

    Mugs - Thanks for putting so much work into making the site and this board what it is - the best on the net IMHO - and in return, we will do what needs to be done to keep it that way!!!!!

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    sp33dg33k's Avatar
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    Canada Eh!

    Thumbs up

    props mugs!

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    This is a huge part of my unwilling dying devotion to train and be motivated. Every day, day in day out.. Thanks to Mugs, Mike, ptbyjason, and all of the members of A.R. I know who you are.
    Thanks, b.traps

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    Gotta keep this at the top. Thanks guys. . This is the best board I've ever been on, and I'm sure most of you feel the same.

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    This is my home away from home...

    BIG BUMPS for MUGS!!

    There's no better site than this one...


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    bigkev's Avatar
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    you guys have, without a doubt , created an awesome board here, its now where i will spend my computer time. all of my knowledge is at your disposal. big bump for a quality site.

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    Yes, by far the best board Ive ever been on, and one of the most well controlled (no flaming and shit) Great job guys, keep it up!!

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    Mugs Guest
    Thanks Bro's! Like I said, your comments are the reward enough for everyone envolved. If you all have any further ideas.... DON"T hesitate to e-mail. We need to have correct info and as much info as possible. I know there are some things on the website that are/maybe incorrect. If you get a chance ( I don't mean NOW), but if you are looking up something, and happen to see an error, let us know so we can get it right. Also any info on NEW steroids let us know. It's hard work to get it all. Anyway, thanks again on behalf of everyone.

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