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    ptbyjason Guest

    What happened to the board?

    Yeah, I know..... I made some changes. Now if you have already clicked on a link it turns grey to let you know you have already been there.

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    Okay. Thanks for one more thing yet again. Do all these additions cost you money? I sincerely hope not since that is the reason that EF is netting dick all money-wise. Still though, don't doubt for a second that everyone appreciates every addition you make to the board.

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    ptbyjason Guest
    Couldn't help myself and made one more small change. Look at the bottom of the board and look at the little boxes to choose which page you want.

    This only cost me time. I do it myself, I don't pay anyone.

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    PT, you're a straight thug...keep up the great work, I'm sure i can vouch for everyone when i say it looks fantastic!

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    I gotta amdmit I just say what your talking about and it really makes it easier. Thanks for all the hard work it doesnt go unnoticed

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    Jay you rock brutha... it only get's better

    you've done a kick ass job! Well done.


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