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    WARNING: Don't get burned.

    I just read a few posts where people were excited/disappointed about over-the-counter products that promised to have the same effects as Anabolic Steroids . Heres my response to all of those threads:

    Any product with a misleading name such as one that combines parts of two familiar words or "mispells" familar word by one or two letters is definitely a scam. Examples:

    Growth H-max

    These product names, along with the copy (written words) that describes them ("exceedingly anabolic-like effect!!"), are meant to mislead you and get you to fork over your money.

    Not too long ago, a product called Yohimbe was popular in the gyms. One of the main things this product purported was "it raises testosterone levels immediately!" Well, after researching, and calling thier product teams and delving deeper into what was true or not true about that statement, I was finaly told by one of the employees that any time you eat, your testosterone levels fluctuate--but the fluctuation is so miniscule that that it has NO effect on anything regarding muscle growth (i.e. eating a piece of candy would have the same effect on test levels). So the statement on the product box was true, but terribly misleading.

    Just remember:
    1. There is no product that will replace hard work, good eating habbits, and rest.
    2. There is no product that you can buy over the counter that can even come close to matching the effects of real AS on muscle growth
    3. Too many products at these bodybuilding-focused stores are made to be bought by the consumer; they are not made to help the consumer. (Think about that statment and wonder why so much money goes into marketing rather than quality controling the products.)

    Good luck--don't get burned.

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    The only OTC "steroid like" stuff I have used is 4AD and 19-NOR. I have seen small gains in size, pretty good increase in strength. I do not think it is worth the money. I haven't done AS yet, but form reading the board it seems like the results would be hella better than what I have seen on PH. And the price isn't that much more. PH, or any OTC "AS like" substance isn't worth it IMO.

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