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    Newbie saying Hello and a few Q's

    Just wanting to say hello to everyone.

    I am heading down to mexico pretty soon, probably tijuana and was wondering if smoking pot on the way down to mexico would be a terrible idea since we plan to drive across and back. Can the dogs smell pot that has been smoked a day or two in advance??

    Also, i'm about 5' 9'', 145 and pretty lean. I was thinking of taking Equipose 400mg/w 1-10 and winstrol tabs 50mg/d 6-11. I'm just looking to get as ripped up as possible and gain some muscle mass too.

    I have done a lot of searching the past couple of weeks and have gained alot of knowledge but if anyone has any tips for me, especially while i'm down in mexico as to where to go and what not I'd appreciate it.

    thanks again, mexicali

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    welcome welcome...i think @ 5'9" and 145 you can do quite a bit more naturally, ,but you probably got your mind set like most other folks, so go easy winny/eq will be a nice starter cycle. as far as mexico, havn't been there personally but from who i've talked to and read about be careful, be careful or shady people, police, and fakes. and yes, the dogs can smell weed 1-2days post smoked...i got pulled over and we had smoked weeks ago and this dog was scratching the fuck out of my car, so if your planning on doing some illicit things down there, you might want to think again, especially if you're planning on bringing anything back, ,good luck and have fun on the board, there is volumes of information on here for you

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    Were it is always to ****

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    Welcome mexi....I'm rather new here myself. That sounds like a pretty good starter cycle. At 5'9" 220lbs, I'm about to try EQ for the first time myself, and I have heard good things about it. You may also want to consider taking Deca . That's what I started with (almost a year ago now) and I was very pleased with it. Good mass gain, painless injections, almost no noticable side effects. Good stuff that deca. As for the pot...I'd just say forget about it. You don't want to deal with mexican authorities. When you get down there just stick to the booze, kick back on the beach and watch the sunset. Wait a minute, I don't even know where Tiajuana is...I'm from Michigan. Oh well...fuck it.

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