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    I need some help

    I am looking for a cycle to put on alot of size and strength. I am 5'11", 228, 13% BF, this will be my 4th cycle.

    Would Trenbolone 75, Halotest, and some test (cyp ?) do the job?
    I know arimidex would be needed or at least very helpful.
    My body has no problems accepting 50mg/ Stenox a day.
    Anything better ?

    What's a good cycle for what I want to do ? I would like my end results to be around 250 pounds and 10-11% BF.

    Thanks. -H

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    First some realistic goals bro. Its hard to gain 22lbs and drop bf%.
    Quick suggestion
    Wk 3-8 80-100mg tren ed
    Wk 1-5 35-50mg stenox ed
    wk 1-8 100mg test prop or susp ed
    Wk 1-12 armidex .25-.5 ed
    You take the dex for twelve weeks to prevent any estro rebounds. Also have nolvadex because dex is not always effective

    Cycle should make you at least look 22lbs heavier w/less bf

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