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Thread: Dbol and Sust

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    Red face Dbol and Sust

    Could a 8 week cycle of D-bol be followed with an administration of sustanon . I love the gains im getting from the d-bol . (like a dumb a$$ i took by itself w/o stacking) and want to keep them could i go straight into a Sustanon Cycle ?????

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    Use clean up now, keep working out hard, and you might keep some of the gains.
    Don't start with Sust after your D-bol.
    Be off for a while before you start the Sust(at least 8 weeks)


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    well if your gonna start your sust at the END of your dbol ...your most likley gonna loose most of your gains you got from the dbol...because the sust takes like 4 weeks to kick in...
    depoending on how far along you ar into your dbol start up your sust...try front loading it to get it into your system quicker...

    this may not be an advantage to you and you may be disapointed ith your gains...maybe you should just finish of your dbol...and go with clomid and clen for post cycle...wait and then do another cycle down th road where you stack the both...and maybe deca too

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