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Thread: Bloated Gut

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    Bloated Gut

    I am in a sust. 500mg. per wk. with winny 25mg. per day and eq. 400mg. per week. I am 5`5 @ 215 i had my body fat taken Friday and I`m at 9.6%. This is the first time I have done winny. I have noticed that my gut is getting bloated big time.I am pretty ripped but I`m bloated as shit! It is not a fat bloated but a hard bloated. Is this a genetic thing or do I need to cut back on my diet or what. Just wondering if alot of people have this problem and what do you do to help it if there is anything you can do. This is also my second cycle of the year.

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    Winny at 25mg per day? That's not enough to do much of anything, IMO. And, it shouldn't bloat you at all. Atleast, it didn't me.

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    yeah V, i retain alot of water in my stomach. it'll go away after you get off your cycle.

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    Not enough winnie, increase and yes alot will go away after your done.

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    doesent winny make you lose water?it will make you bloated winy?

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    IM getting the same thing, very noticable with tank top on. It sucks.

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    Are you taking your winny oral or IM? Myabe its the carb on your diet. Sometimes when your taking allot of food and your body dotn like it itll bloat up like gass. Maybe your allergic to your protein shake.

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    Low quality protein tends to bloat people too. Some swear by using probiotics and other digestive aids (proteases mainly) to help digest all the protein we take in.

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    i notice when i eat whey concentrate instead of isolate i bloat like a mofo for some reason and bealch like mad

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