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    i made a decision

    after alot of research and thinking i have decided to postpone my first cycle until next september or so, for several reason first i will be 20 i know most of you guys say 21 but i am going to be at least 20 who knows i might wait until i am 21. second, i dont know enough i plan on devoting my self to research and learn alot in between now and then, third i plan on losing some excess bf in between now and then, i plan on training very hard in between now and then and it will mark nearly 4 yrs of hard traing, i am growing now and still making gains i figure with the right diet and exercise i can easly lose about 4% bf and also gain about 6lbs of muscle in between now and then, so just wait, in 2003 i will step into the darkside besides right now i am stronger and bigger than almost everybody my age even two guys who have and are juicing, (boy they dont know a thing one is doing a deca only cycle) so there it is, i just thought you guys would like to know
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    That is a very mature and informed decision... bravo!

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    this should be seen by every newbie to the board!!

    good decision Hewy!that's a great personal observation on not only anabolics but your training, diet, and outlook to making post i have read in a long time.finally someone new to the gear game, but not training, who understands how it all works!

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    To the top. Let's keep it there so everyone has a chance to read.

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    Huey...excellent post, very mature and logical. Keep coming here as often as possible, read everything you can get your hands on and ask as many questions as you want. The guys on this board are second to none, not only in the knowledge department, but in their efforts to help people who are yourself.


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    CYCLEON Guest
    congrats on having the maturity and will power to make a decison on whats right for you!!!!!! - stick around, read, learn and when the time comes, you will know exactly what to do and have great results.

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    wow for a 20 yr old you sound very wise.great decision.
    this board has and will be here for you when YOU are ready.
    i wish i had your insite when i was 20.bravo

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    Good luck bro. It certainly sounds like you are making the right choice for you.

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    keep training hard naturally, give it some time.

    You have made a wise decision my friend, more power to ya!


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    Great to hear, but in your quest for knowledge, I hope you'll stick around..

    By the time your ready, you'll know!
    With knowledge comes wisdom.... With wisdom comes power...
    be a powerful man, my son!

    alley ooop for hewy

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    Is this for real??? BUMP, BUMP, BUMP!!! All newbies should read this one. Good choice bud! Stick around, keep us posted on your progress and let us know when you're ready to start your first cycle.

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