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    Question to sus or not to sus

    wassup fellas i'm 24 and i've been working out for about 2 yrs now. i've done alot of research and i'm thinking about taking some sus for 8 weeks. tell me should i take 2 shots/week or 1 and should i take for 8 or 10 wks body as follows:
    5'10", 175 ,7-9%bf, never used juice, and paranoid of gyno/ Is it worth taking just sus or should i stack with deca and/or dbol right off the back? plan on the clomid at the end but will novladex minimize gains? Goal is to reach 200lbs and be fuckin shredded.
    Help me out; you guys know your shit

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    25 lbs gain + get shredded....

    I think you should just shhot for one of those 2 in fist cycle.
    IMO- forget the sust. Go for test enth. 400-500mg/week.
    Go for eq instead of deca if you're going to stack. Less bloat/water retention.
    Go for 10 weeks.- why limit a good thing to 8 weeks..?

    And start with some d-bol in weeks 1-4.

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    You've obviously done a little research bro so here it goes.

    Sust250...take two shots per week, one of the tests in the blend has a shorter half life so you want more frequency with your shots. Run it for 10 weeks @ 500/mg week. Your ideal stack would be sust @ 500mg/week, deca @ 400mg/week and dbol @ 30-35mg/day for the first 4 weeks.
    If you can only afford two, go with sust and dbol and run the dbol for the first 4-5 weeks. If you run dbol get some milk thistle (healthfood store) and run it at 800-1000mg/day while on dbol. Have nolvadex on hand in case of aromatization (gyno) and use it if you see warning signs of gyno. Clomid post cycle...3 weeks after your last shot of sust day 1 300mg, 100mg x 10 days, 50mg x 10 days.


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    just out of curiosity what made you opt for sust?


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