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    Water Retention Through Out the body or Can?

    Was curious to no if some ppl just get water retention around say the stomach area or like there face,or does it come through out the body?
    Why I ask is cause Im thinking maybe I need to clean up my diet I am seeing some increae in my stomach area no where else hoping its not FAT lol.

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    I just started a cycle this past week and noticed the same thing in the stomach. i personally think that you need to keep your diet very clean in order to stay lean or leaner on a mass cycle. i also take liquidex to avoid as much bloat as possible, even while on dbols. i feel that to avoid excess fat and to even lose some fat, do a low intensity cardio workout for about 30-45min. in the morning before breakfast. you wont deplete glycogen stores which are essential for mass but u will burn fat seeing that fat is a very low octane fuel. however last night i did uphill wind sprints on the t-mill cuz i was bored and what a friggin pump in my quads!! test and dbols rock! lol hope this helps.


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