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    Arimidex from Euro*Pharm real stuff?

    I recently aquired some Arimidex from Euro*Pharm. 100 pills @ .25mg came in a small plastic bag with a Euro*Pharm Sticker on it. The pills are about 1/4 inch in diamater and very powdery. No markings on them at all. Absolutely no taste. They actually feel like a marshmellow when you put them on your tounge without the sugar.

    Has anyone seen or used these before? or know if they are legit?
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    euro-pharm is a remailer of **,and ive heard his armidex was good,ive never used.just what i heard

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    Arimidex is a brand name........there is only one genuine Arimidex. Get some liquidex instead of the ** tabs if you need to save money.

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