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Thread: GH for Women?

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    GH for Women?

    Any opinions on 2IU's daily for a woman with no other AS? She does not want to turn into a man or risk taking AS. She needs to pack on 5-10lbs of muscle. Thanks.

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    I know woman have used 1 iu twice a day for fat reduction, how much actual muscle growth she would get with out and androgens in the cycle i do not know, you have to remember that GH works best in synergy with other drugs like Insulin , test and T-3. She should try low dosage of Anavar or Primobolan first, start real low and buildup the dosage if no side effects appear, 5mg a day of anavar would be a good starting point and move up to no more then 10mg/day or 50mg a week of Primo. Good Luck...XXL

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