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    Changing Needles?

    Many have told me that you should change out the needle after you draw out the juice, before you inject. What do you think?

    I never did this, that might be the reason for some of my soreness and pain.

    Is the only reason to change them out is for comfort or does it have to do with some sterilizing?

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    bro pins are cheap, you dont wanna stick yourself with one thats even a little bit dull. go ahead and change it

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    change notas dull and a little more sanitary imo.

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    if you're using the same gauge pin to draw and inject- I'd deffinately say you should change after drawing.

    But I use an 18 for drawing and 25 for jabbing. i find it takes forever to suck up the gear with a 25.

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    Changing needles helps
    1. The injection---not as dull, easier & less painfull entry.
    2. The sterility of the action, ask yourself, did I clean the lid of that bottle before I stuck a needle in it? Did it touch anything else before it hit my ass? You get the point!
    3. The speed of loading, loading with a 18g will take a quarter of the time compared to a 23/25g.

    thats it in a nutshell

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    There is a good bit of info on this topic throughout these boards. And almost all agree that you should change pins.

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    just keep the same 18g for pulling out and then just switch the 25g or whatever back on when you're finished, keep the 18g in some alcohol 90% if possible and you're fine...i can definately notice the difference between a changed one and the same one used to draw

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    I'm in here with the rest of YOU!
    B-D makes syringes the have the lur-lock needles that screw on and screw off and they also sell just the needles seperatly. So what I do is Buy 23-25g syringes, then get the 18g needles seperatly. So when you unpack the syringe twist the 23g off, unpack the 18g needle, twist it on, draw out the gear and a little air so that the 18g needle isnt loaded and you don't waiste your gear, put the 23g back on, push the air out while loading needle, Then inject. Then when your done toss both of them in the trash and you have no worries of infection!

    -The extra needles aren't that much money. They are definatly worth the extra money though to get a clean injection with no worries of infection!

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    Personnally I always change.

    1. because it could be a little dull
    2. Even though you whiped the bottle with alcohol there still can be bad stuff within the rubber stopper. IMO

    Better safe than sorry!


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