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Thread: winny questions

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    Question winny question - please help

    is injecting zambon winny 50ml every third day going to still give me good results. what is its half life. i was only able to buy 10 amps so i want it to last somewhere close to 30 days. plus, i dont want to have to do it e/d or eod because i will run out too fast and probably will not be able to buy more. what would you do if you were me.
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    wait and buy more or save for another cycle, e3d and only 4 weeks is pretty much might see very miniscule gains, eod is ok but generally accepted and followed is ed injections with winny...good luck, if you do plan on doing it do it eod and take 1/2 cc, still be getting the same ammount, itlll last longer, and youll get a more even blood level

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    I tottaly agree with djdjdjdjdjdon, unlike deca or primo winny is active only for 12 hours in your system that means half life.

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