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Thread: Opinons?

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    It seems that I always tend to read that some people say injecting air bubbles are really bad for you while others say that it's no big deal. The first time I ever injected their was a pretty big bubble and I'm fine. I thought that the only way it would be that bad for you is if you were injecting about 3cc's of air, hell when yeah go to the doc their always seems to be a little bubble. Does any1 know the real answer?

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    I would not go over .25 ccs. Tiny little bubbles should be okay.

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    Tiny air bubbles are not going to cause you any adverse side effects. Do your best to get all the air bubbles out but if you miss one it is not going to hurt you.

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    we are doing intermuscular,not in viens.if we were than air bubbles would be somthing to worry about

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    This is true. Air in the vein or artery WILL cause serious problems, but you SHOULD NOT BE DOING THIS WITH AAS! You inject into muscle tissue, and though you should never inject any amount of air, it will probably not do anything at all, except mabey cause some pain at the injection site if you inject enough air.

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