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Thread: primobolon tabs

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    primobolon tabs

    I've been thinking about using anabolic steroids for a while now. I've decided to start on primobolon tabs, and i'm thinking about deca also.

    I know primobolon isn't really a mass builder, but i just wanted the views of some people who have used primobolon or know someone that has used it.

    What gains would I see in using primobolon on its own? would the gains stay?

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    I've not heard anything really positive about primobolan would be far better off with injectable primo. Primo is probably the best injectable out there for near permanent quality's very unlikly that you will lose any of what you gain on primobolan. Your strength will increase as well as harness (vascularity) and mass gains will be modest (not overstated). I see no problem running it by itself, but if you want to stack something with it look at test prop...maybe something like this:

    weeks 1-10 primo @ 300-400mg/week
    weeks 1-10 test prop @ 100mg/eod
    clomid post cycle, nolvadex on hand

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    i'm worried about gyno as i've had this midly after i stopped use of prohormes.

    what about deca , will the gains last with this?

    cheers for the relpy, big help.

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