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    How long should I take Propecia (Finasteride)

    I havent had a problem with hairloss, but I can pick up propecia pretty cheap and I thought I'd run it with my next cutting cycle (test/tren /winny). If I decide to take propecia, when should I start/stop? How long after I stop the cycle should I stop taking propecia?

    Will I have any problems with accelorated hair loss once I stop taking propecia? My goal is basically to prevent any hairloss while on cycle. I do not currently lose any (or at least anything noticable) hair.
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    can't say much but my bf is on it all the time to prevent hairloss. I know he gets regular blood tests with it from his doc to be sure it is not affecting his liver. He is not bald but wants to prevent it and he is 47.

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    A 5ar inhibitor will slow your gains. I, along with a few others on this board, have noticed the cease, or at least slowing, or gains while using dutasteride. If you don't have a hair loss problem, I'd avoid it.

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    eod is nice ed gave me some prob

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    Optimally finasteride or dutasteride should be taken for 6 months prior to the cycle to build plasma levels in the blood and be most effective. I saw a nice chart on this somewhere on the internet a few months ago - can't find it now.

    However many people on this board who have experienced hairloss on cycle and immediately took dutasteride have reported some immediate results.

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    I know someone that has had success with Finasteride. He took it before, during and after cycle and didn't experience any hairloss. He is not prone to male pattern baldness, so his hair loss is mainly due to aas.

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    When you first take prepecia (finesteride), within a few weeks to a couple of months you will most likely experience some "shedding". This can be a bit worrying to people. It is justs the reaction to the drug, it seems to trigger the hair growth cycle to start from scratch - hence some "older hairs" fall out.

    You should just keep going and not freak out. Hair has a growth cycle of about 3 months.

    I think Finasteride has a pretty short half-life - unlike Dutesteride, so i guess it means that you could start taking it relatively close to when you being your cycle (although Coop references some different information). It may build up over time to build up to 100%, but i do remember experiencing some "differences" in a week or so of first taking it.

    You'd probably be "safe" to stop it after you finish your pct. (that is just my guess). By that stage you will be back to normal (DHT levels will be what they would be before). If someone is prone to MPB then they need to be on it all the time.

    You will not loose any additional hair after stopping Finasteride other than the hair you would loose naturally. E.g. if i stopped now, i would loose the hair that Finasteride has kept for me, but not any additional hair.

    Medically, there is more successs in "keeping" hair than regrowing it once it has fallen out. So prevention is the way to go.

    It would be worth giving Dutesteride a look as well. I haven't used it, but quite a few studies indicate it is more effective than Finasteride. It isn't yet approved for hair loss treatment in the US yet - although the application has been submitted.


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    So what if you have been on propecia for a few years, which cycle is best to avoid so that you don't have more hair loss? Meaning mixing propecia with certain roids, will it increase hair loss and neutralize the effectiveness of the propecia?

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    Who wants to know?
    Hair loss runs rampant in my family, I haven't lost any yet at 38 y.o. Last cycle I started liquid Finasteride a month before and all throughout my cycle, didn't have any hair loss.

    I am currently 5 weeks into another cycle and decided to not take it as I am running tbol and will be running winny towards the end and haven't noticed any hariloss, it is actually growing faster than usual!

    Not sure if it even helped but I do know there are some sexual sides with me anyway. Most of time while on it I couldn't blow my wad or if I did it was hardly anything at all, needless to say I think I will take my chances with the hairloss.

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    Finasteride and Dutasteride will only be effective, to a certain degree, with testosterone , whether it be exogenous or endogenous hence it will be worthless to combat against DHT deravitives(e.g:winstrol ) or highly androgenic compounds(e.g:Trenbolone )

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