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    Talking My Next Cycle, Please Comment

    I will be staring my next cycle next month, so I was
    hoping that I could get your opinions. This will
    be my third cycle. My stats are 6' 2" 235lbs. at
    10% bodyfat, and have been lifting for about 3 years.

    This is a bulking cycle:

    400mg Deca 2x wk. - weeks 1-8
    750mg Cyp. 2x wk. - weeks 1-8
    30mg D-bol ED - weeks 1-6
    50mg Winny EOD - either weeks 7-12
    .5mg Arimidex every 3 days - weeks 1-12
    .5mg Arimidex ED - weeks 13-15
    200mg Clomid - days 1 & 2 of week 13, 100mg rest
    of week 13
    100mg Clomid - week 14
    50mg Clomid - week 15

    *Was thinking of running clo through the whole cycle.
    But I am not sure.
    *I was also thinking of just running Winny through
    week 10.

    Will take in around 4250 cal. With 100g of carbs
    and protein taken in with each meal after workout.

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    your cycle looks great Surewood, just make sure u use proper form and keep your protein at 2g/Lb of your bodyweight so u can take upto 470g proein everyday and cut the fat out of your diet, if u want the 6 pac also, cuz dbol causes water retention that gives you a bloated look.

    Great cycle! good luck

    P.S. you will gain 20-30 Lb easily on this cycle

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    i think you're going to stress your liver a bit running winny and d-bol in the same cycle. besides that the cycle looks great.

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    Run the Cyp. a week longer than the Deca .

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    heres an idea that might benifit you and your cycle
    get a little more cyp/deca and run it 10 wks
    you can end the dbol after wk 4,move the winny to wk 8-13.and give yourself a 4 wk break on the 17aas
    clomid during the cycle is a waist and could hinder gains.
    run the clomid 2 days out of this cycle at 300 mg day 1/ 100 mg for 10 days/ 50 mg for 10 more days

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    4Plates is right on. Do his cycle and it will be perfect.

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