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    Refirvit B......?

    I was wondering if we can take this reforvit. its for VET use only as it says, but i know some bradaz have used this shit???

    any results good or bad with this guys????
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    yup drink away bro

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    Hey Sam, I used that exact same shit a few months ago. Don't worry man, it's cool to use. I took it orally 3 x daily. However, keep in mind that Ref-B is notorious for tasting like SHIT!! Keep a chaser next to you when use swallow it. I usually used cranberry juice or Coke or something. My results with it were OK, I gained quite a bit of weight, but a lot of that was water retention. But, I know other people who have taken it who were quite pleased with the results.

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    I stacked it with winny and that shit worked great. I injectd ti though. Ur preference

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    i love that stuff is great man i gained 8lbs after
    2.5wks i did for 5wks and i'll get more of it...
    it's also real stuff.

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