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    workout advice needed

    how does this workout sound for a 1st time A.S. user

    [min. of 4 exercises per body part 4 sets of 8-12 each]

    Mon. - chest cardio 25min.

    Tues. - back/bi's cardio 30min

    Wed. - OFF [work abs at home]

    Thurs. - Legs cardio 30 min.

    Fri. - shoulders/tri's cardio 25min.

    Sat. OFF
    Sun. OFF

    i am killing it every time i train so is once a week per muscle group ok
    feel free to critique, thanks.

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    What kind of shit are you going to be using?

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    looks okay.
    don't forget your abs.

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    Looks ok to me but I would like to offer up my 2 cents. Because you have two days rest on the weekend I would have your weakest bodypart or most demanding workout on monday. Would I be right if I guessed that chest is not your weakest bodypart( is it anyone's? ). I would rearrange the order something like this:

    Monday: Legs & abs -- Leg workout likely the most demanding
    Tuesday: Shoulders & arms -- Small muscle groups ok to train after legs
    Wed: Rest
    Thurs: Back, do traps with back -- Hit the lower back really hard
    Friday: Chest & abs -- abs are split 2 and 3 days apart
    Sat: Rest
    Sun: Rest

    Also I would do different ab exercises on each day that abs are trained.
    Maybe like:
    Monday: Sit-ups and Leg raises
    Friday: Ab twists and Side bends

    Hope this helps.

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    best for a bulking cycle is 3 day split... longer workouts since those on AAS can handle them... m chest shlds abs t legs calves w back arms abs th rest f repeat...

    now if you are trying to stay lean thats a different story and it depends on each person body chemistry... what you using and what are you goals?

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    Well I disagree with Medicine man. No need for long workouts. Do core exercises (DL, Squats, BP for example) with heavy weight and low reps. Usually only two working sets per exercise. Heavy weights, low reps, and lots of rest and food. Even though your recovery ability is greater I think most people still overtrain and do not grow to there potential. If your not adding weight you are wasting time. Look at the guys in your gym doing the same weights and the same exercises. Notice how they stay the same size.

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    I would keep exercises to 3 max with FULL INTENSITY, do only 2 exercises each for bi/tri(4 total). 4 sets per exercise, 60-90 seconds rest between sets. Ill take a couple minutes before last set which is ususall 3-6 reps, 5 min rest between exercises then right back on. If I do this with full intensity every set Ill be drained after 45 min.JMO

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