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    Question Help, what do u think needs to be my first cycle?

    hello everone thanks for taking the time to look at my post.
    I am 20years old and i am looing to take my first cycle. i have been working out for about a year stright. but on and off for 3 years. My stats are

    5"11 230 29%bf Medium built

    5"11 214 20%bf .

    I am looking to cut up, i dont want to get huge or anything, do u guys have any advice. I know you ar going to tell me to slim down a little more and wait a couple of years. Nt trying to rush or anything to take anything, but just trying to see what other people think.

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    Nice to see someone from Philly on the board. From your stats it looks like you carry a decent amount of weight. I would suggest starting with an ECA stack, and MRP for another month of so. Dial in your diet and get in the habit of Cardio at least 4-5 times per week.

    If you are not happy with results then try this.

    Winny Depot for 8 weeks at 50-75 mg/EOD.**get liver protectors
    ECA stack morning/lunch/ preworkout
    Lots of Water at least 1.5 gallon per day.
    You have to break up your meals if you want to lose weight. At least 5-6 per day and take in 200+ grams of protein per day.
    **Keep a diet log and use this site for food and diet information to ensure you are counting calories and grams correctly.

    If you started today there is not a reason you could not be down to 11-12% bf by end of September.

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    have to bump the advice to tweek the diet a bit more and stay natural for now, no reason you should not be able to cut up some more before you start, and then that way you could hit a nice bulking cycle bro.

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    definately get your diet in check hit some clen and eca stack .cardio like crazy,and with or after try this.
    even though fina is not a firt timer drug ,and if u play your cards rigth ,(proper precautions )and dont mind the injection
    1-6fina ed 76 ed (u could get away with eod since its your first)
    1-6prop 100 eod or 50 ed .mix them together
    1-6 winny 50 ed eod ,.just alittle somethin somethin!
    liver protecters,cranberry extract,and lots of water and watch out!

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