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Thread: FINA kits

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    FINA kits

    Ok, a buddy of mine just got 200 Fina-H pellets. He started taking them, but he was letting them dissolve under his tounge. When I found out I told him to stop eating them cuz you'll get minimum gains and we'll look into buying a fina kit. I ordered one for him, how many pellets are needed?? He only ate 10 so theres 190 left is that enough?? Any info is appreciated, thanks.


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    Yeah, its enough..but your final strength wont be as high...but losing 200mgs isn't gonna make a whole lot of difference. He'll probably never even notice it.

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    Some kind of padded room...wearing some kinda white jacket...can't!
    Depending on what kit he purchased -200mg's will only knock you down say 8mg/ml in a 25ml solution. 1900mg's converted with 25ml's of solution will produce approx. 76mg/ml, factor in that you may lose 3-5% in the conversion brings you down to about 70-73mg/ml.

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