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    Glass frags in the syringe??

    Has anyone ever had a problem with glass fraggments getting into the syringe? I was setting up a shot and one of the amps kind of popped and a few glass chips were present. Should I not use this syringe? I drew with an 18g. Nothing looks to be in the syringe, other than product.

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    You could always run it through a strile filter. Injecting glass frags could cause an infection.

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    Hey bro that used to happen to me all the time. I always shot it and never had any problems. Rickson is right running it through a sterile filter would be a good thing to do. Try .. they have them and also have amp openers that will help you from getting glass frags in the bottom of your amp. Hope this helps.

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    do you still have the empty amp?
    if so squirt the stuff back in the amp with a 23-25 g pin,and redraw it.
    with a diffrent syring and pin of course!
    i dont think even the smallest piece of glass will go back through a 23-25 g

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