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Thread: Liquid D-bol

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    Liquid D-bol

    Hey guy's just wondering how often one should inject Liquid D-bol I think that it's called Reforit I have a friend that needs to know I'de tell him how much but the prob is, is that I've never heard of liquid D-bol.

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    first off you dont want to inject that dirty crap.
    it needs to be taken everyday,2x day 1 cc each time.
    draw it up in a syringe,take off the pin and shoot it down yoyr throat.
    wash it down with something flavorfull because it taste like shit

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    I wouldn't inject reforvit-b. Drink it. If it is his 1st cycle I would say do around 35mg every day spread out in 3 shots about 2 hours apart. Pull 1 1/2cc in a syringe and take 1/2 cc at a time. All you do is twist the needle off the syringe and squirt down that 1/2 cc with some kind of orange or cranberry juice. he shouldn't take it for anymore than 4 weeks. I don't know if he's stacking it or what, but he should be doing that w/ an injectable.

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