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    Denkall Winny ( Stanazolic )

    Hey guys, I'm currently in my 1st week of Winstrol , and I have a question.....On Monday, I injected into my left delt, and on Tuesday, I injected into my right delt. Both of my delts are slightly sore from the injections, so I was considering drinking my Winny today to give me a break....I am going to get 25gx1/2" pins so I can spot inject my bi's/tri's/calves/traps, etc..... Until I get those, should I just keep alternating shoulders everyday, or should I drink it in between to give my delts a day rest? If I should drink, how do I drink it? Just drink it straight? Mix it with juice? Protien shake? Sorry, but I am not sure on what to do. I do not want to lose effectiveness, so if I have to inject everyday, even if I'm a little sore, I will. Thanks!

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    When I drank it I just drew it out with a syringe, and then took the poin off and shot it in the back of my mouth. I then chased it down with water. This way worked good fro me. SOme guys like to chase it down wiith Grapefruit; better asorbtion.

    However, I'm sure you know that it's better on the liver if you inject. But I don't think it will hurt you too bad of you drank it once a week or even twice a week. Good Luck!

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    The choice is up to you how you want to do it. I would just keep switching injection spots if I were you. If you want to drink it you can mix it with gatorade or grapefruit juice. I would just stick it out and inject it persoanlly.

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