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    I injuryed my shoulder and dropped from 200lbs to 175lbs. My shoulder in alot better but I am have problems gainning the weight back. I have never used AS before, but I have considered Deca . I talked to a couple of people that said it gives gyno and has many side effetcs. Any addvice would be appreciated.

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    Wait until your shoulder is 100% then give it a few weeks. Don't juice too early or you are likely to re-injure yourself. Do you see a physical therapist or massage therapist for evaluations of how the healing is going and for treatment to keep it loose?

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    hey i am no expert but i will tell you that i have not read or personally known too many people get gyno but yes you can get it from progesterone. the guy's that took it that i know personally have not had any side effects .

    You may get deca dick(limp dick) .Those are the 2 big side effects that i have heard of and they are really rare if the doses are low(under 400mg/week)

    This is just from what i have read on here and in mags ,no personal experince from it yet (soon) hehe.

    just stick around and do some reading first ,dont want to rush something like this.JMO

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    I have no side effects from deca other than High BP. I enjoy its joint lubricating properties and include it whenever I am "cruising" between cycles. I don't recommend it without at least some test.

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