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    Question Soza's Cycle help (Jason pls. read)

    I am currently in week 5 of a cycle consisting of:
    600mg sus. prop-enhanced (e.w.)weeks 1-8
    300mg deca (e.w.)weeks 1-10
    50mg dbol (e.d.)weeks 1-4

    My current stats are:
    20 years old
    180 pounds
    about 16-18%bf (estimated)

    I am already planning a cycle to start in late January, but need to start amassing supplies soon Anyways I would like to do a cycle consisting of trenbolone acetate (80mg eod) winstrol orals (100mg ed) a test of some sort in a small dose (prop?) and E.Q. (600mg ew) My goals are to get to around 210 w/ a sixpack showing. Anyways I had a few questions:
    should I lower the dose of winny pills to 50mg ed?
    should I split the E.Q. into smaller doses to inj. at the same time as the tren ?
    How much prop should I use and how often?
    Somebody (vets, mods, or anyone knowledgable) please help me with doses, cycle, etc.

    Thanks a million. I will post picks after my current cycle and put all of you to shame jk, but watch out I'm coming guys!

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    undecyclenate, the ester in eq is longer-acting than deca ........that should answer that question.

    as for your doses.........i like will grow and grow strong. tren /winny/eq/low dose test is a great stack..........just watch your liver enzymes and take your ancilliaries + lots o' water and you should be fine........


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