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Thread: Help SICK!!!!!

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    Angry Help SICK!!!!!

    I ended a cycle of Test 200 or Enthanate i gained 17lbs. a week and a half later i got mono and now im down to 159. which is about 15lbs less. I need to start a cycle something good to put on weight and keep some of it. I was thinking suspension/reforvit and deca or eq.
    what do you think i should do????

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    Mike Guest
    NOPE - I think you should wait the couple months it will take for your body to recover naturally - have some faith in your body - its scary to see all these people supplementing ALL natural process with western medicine and hormones etc - let your body heal naturally or else the gear wouldbe wasted anyway - it takes a while to get all your white and red blood cells back to normal after mono - wait till you're completely better than lift for a whiel THEN cycle - I know its not what you're looking for bro but just trying to help out...

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