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    which would work best

    i have read some really good replies to several threads on this subject and it has me second guessing my original plan. it seems like the theory is decide to either bulk or cut but dont do both at once in your cycle. my original plan was to do 8-9 weeks of t-200 [depending how underfilled it is] at 300mg per week till done. i am planning to throw winny in on week 5 and run it at 50mg eod until week 10. i am second guessing that decision now. i am starting week 4 of t-200 this week. should i hold off on the winny until the t-200 is completely gone so that my mass gains would be maximized and then run the winny by itself to rip up. the only thing is that it could extend my total time on AS to 13-14 weeks. this is my first time on AS. what do you guys think. [sorry for another long post]
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    Winny won't stop you from maximizing the bulking power of test only your diet will determine how much bulk or cut you will get. I don't think 50 mg EOD of winny is enough and you need to run it at least two weeks after your last t-200 shot if you want a speedy start to recovery. I personally don't think it is very effective trying to bulk at the beginning of a cycle and cut at the end. Do your original plan come off recover and then cut with your next cycle. By the way bro you can put on lean muscle mass without gaining much fat as long as you don't expect to gain 25 lbs. A lot of people prefer to put on 10-12 lbs without much fat and are very happy with those gains.
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    run the test in this cycle (300mg very low dose) then get some equipoise and run a cycle later of eq and winny at 50mg per day. run eq 10-12 weeks and winny at end of eq for 6 weeks atarting at where you are on winny 2 weeks after last eq injection then go to clomid

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