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    comments on my proposed cycle

    ive only taken test and deca , but i want to try sustanon250, i dont think im getting very good results with the test. heres what i want to take:
    9 week cycle

    25mg dbol /day first 2-3 weeks
    1mL deca200 per week
    1mL sust250 per week

    please let me know if you guys know of anything i should add or switch or remove from this cycle. thanks.

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    what kind of test. ester are you taking ??? hope it's not been t-200, casue that shit is off the hook.

    do the d-bol for 4 weeks.

    most people will tell you to up the deca & sus to 2 mL's a week (400 cc's deca, and 500 cc's sus). but, in the end, it's your call, cause it's your cash that's buying all this juice.

    and make it a 10 week cycle, not just 9.

    hope you have clomid ready for post cycle.

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    You might want to up the doses, or keep it where you have it and make it a longer cycle...14-16 weeks. JMO

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    i agree with key master on this one, also check the board for some members cycle results
    [email protected]

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    KEYMASTUR - T200 off the hook? Tornel is so underdosed as low as 130 mg a cc

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