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    how's this look?

    How does this sound? I'm new to this site and I am looking for a good stack to up my strength and decrease my body fat. I'm not trying to get huge but I do expect to gain some solid muscle gains. My main goal is to get vascular and cut.
    35mg dbol 1-4
    400mg equipoise 1-8
    50mg winny ed 6-12

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    If yer main goal is to get vascular and cut then dump the dbols as they will retain water, i would also run the eq a little longer like say 10-12 weeks as eq takes a good 6-8 weeks to fully kick in. you wont gain a lot of muscle but it will be quality and keepable provided diet and training are on. eat clean and good luck


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    Drop the d-bol for sure but I would add something to the EQ I added test and ran arimidex everyday and found that has proven to help cut up well

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    Yeah drop the dbol .
    Add some test if you want.

    Try this:

    Weeks 1-10 Eq 400mgs
    Weeks 8-13 Winny 50mgs ED

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