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    new guy


    I am new to this site and I have a few questions. I want to do roids and I was wondering what I should start with. I could get pure phram. wen. V. I was wondering that if it is pure stuff that should I take the recommened amount or should I take less. I have been lifting for a few years now. I am pretty built but fat. I weigh 225 and i am 6'0 tall. But i have 25% body fat thats the bad thing. I also wanted to know some eating habits. Thank you for your info I think that i will like this site.

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    Welcome bro. As far as your diet goes here is the energy equation,if caloric intake exceeds caloric expenditure=weight gain, and vice versa so in order to get fewer calories you need to cut back on fats (1g=9calories) and eat more protein and carbs (1g=4calories). Throw in some cardio before you work out try 20min at 75% for three days the first week then adjust. Be patient with the winstrol , do some searches, learn first.

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    sounds like you got a lot of fat to get rid of. i would get my hands on some clenbuterol and jump on the tredmill for about 20 minutes a day. winstrol can also be used at the same time to increase effectiveness and gains.

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