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    running after cycle

    Hey guys its Pete again.....I just finished my 10 week cycle of sust 250 @ 500 mgs a week....Yesterday I ran about a mile to start getting in shape for baseball and I could barely run it.....I was a little out of shape but most of all my back started to kill me! friend said its my joints not being used to going up and down from the sust....i did gain about 25 lbs off of this......will this go away as i keep running or am i fucked?

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    As with anytime you have a lay off from cardio, you loose your stamina. You feel out of shape. But also remember, you just put on 25lbs more weight, that's an extra 25lbs to carry when running... Your not F#####, it will take some time to get into your ideal condition. The back pain could also be from lifting heavy, and not streching out... just a thought.

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    I would probably do high intense eliptical/orbital machine so your body can get used to the intense cardio first, before going all out on the running.

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    actually my back always seems to do fine when running, but my shins, damn now thats another story!!! THe elipticle trainer takes it easy on the shins, but damn does it do a number on my lower back!!! Id say just swim till you get back in shape.

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