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    newbie first cycle question

    hey whats up everybody? first off i'd like to say thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me. ok i'm about to do my first cycle and it should look like this:
    WEEK SUS250 d-bol
    1 250mg 30mg/ed
    2 250mg 30mg/ed
    3 250mg 30mg/ed
    4 250mg 30mg/ed
    5 250mg 30mg/ed
    6 250mg
    7 250mg
    8 250mg

    my d-bol tabs are 10mgs now should i take 1 three times a day or should i cut them in half and take half every 3hrs.i have Nolvadex should i take it through out my cycle or just if i feel something? does it matter that i have a bit of gyno from puberty? is 250mgs of sus a week enough or should i bump it up to 500 remember this is my first cycle! i'm 27yrs 5'8" 200lbs what can i expect to gain and keep since i can't find clomid anywhere around here is there anything else i could use? once again thanks.

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    im relatively new im gunna do you and everyone else a favor and just say search the boards, ive seen all the answers on the board, so they are out there. dont mean to sound like a dick but ive been told it before , so now its my turn to say it . youll learn lots of other cool shit while looking for those answers. good luck.

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    hey bro wouldn't start your cycle WITHOUT clomid at all. save your gear till you can get some bro, and run the sust for 10wks. I'm going to run a deca , sust cycle soon sust 500mg\deca400mg. Run noval only when signs of gyno appear as some say it will hinder your gains. run arimidex , or liquidex throughout your cycle if you want to run anti e through complete cyle not noval.. the first thing you should always get I think IMO should be clomid,and anti E's. never start a cycle without these bro. Clomid is inexpensive,and your source should have some. if not he should no where to get it. if all else fails send a girl you know to a dr. for a prescription if you can.. Like a planned parenthood, or something like that. Take 10mg dbol , and then split the dose through out the day. Can you get your hands on any arimidex, or liquidex for gyno problems?? that will help also with the bloat from the dbol.
    hope you find this helpful.

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    IMO, you need Clomid.

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