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    cardio and maintaining weight

    up to this point in time i dont do cardio but i was thinking of throwing about 20 min of cardio ed(moderate)the thing though is that i dont wanna losse weight i just wanna cut a little bit my questoin for u is how much extra cal should i take if i do 20 min cardio ed in a moderate pace not to lose any weight, and second would it be wrong if i eat right after my cardio?

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    I don't think that you need to do any cardio. If you do cardio and make up what you burn by eating more calories you'll end up exactly where you are. No point in wasting time.

    Build more muscle and you'll get leaner.

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    do some low inpact cadio ie walk bike. if you don't want to lose body fat than don't do it. I think it is neccesary for every one to do some kinka cardio to get cut. try meth j/k

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