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    FI's quick ? about mexico

    Well, as it may seem i just foundout as of ten minutes ago that in dec i will most likely be flying to mexico and staying in alcapolco(spelling, whatever thats why i'm not majoring in english) Now i will buy lots and lot and lots and lot of gear. I will put it in my luggage, not the carry on, do u think i will be safe?

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    Luck of the draw. That's all you can hope for.

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    I love acapulco, went there a few years back and didnt speak a lick of spanish, still got play and it was with a girl who didnt speak english, damn was she fine *sigh*. My bad its the clomid. Keep in mind that acapulco is small and poor as shit so they will try to scam you on EVERYTHING so be wary

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    I have been to Cancun 2x in the past 8 months, suitcase loaded with gear, girlfriends suitcase also loaded with gear. Don't look like a dirtbag going through customs. Who are you going with, that has a lot to do with it. Wear something touristy, dress kinda like a geek or something. I also researched on the US Customs homepage, I got the impression that Gear would only be seized rather than charges pressed on you, think about it, its not like you are bringing in Kilos of coke

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