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    If you have used Anadrol....

    I am looking for opinions from people who have used Anadrol . I want to know like how much you took and for how long and what sort of gains you saw in what time period. But MOST of all I want to know how you did with keeping what you gained. I wondering about the ability to keep at least most of the gains from Anadrol by following it with 120mg of Clenbuterol per day and most likely some sort of testosterone (probably Sustanon ) at about 500mg per week - all for like two weeks after stopping Anadrol. Medically speaking it seems that this would sustain all of the quality gains made by the anadrol, but the swelling from water would dissipate quickly. I would like to hear opinions of experienced users about how much actual muscle gain comes with the Anadrol - and how much of it is water.
    A theory that was presented to me as elegedly being effective is as follows:
    To get the most QUALITY gains from Anadrol with the LEAST danger to your liver:
    Take Anadrol 100mg-150mg daily for Two Weeks
    Follow with Clenbuterol and a Testosterone for Two weeks
    Take Anadrol 100mg-150mg daily for Two MORE weeks
    Follow with Clenbuterol and a Testosterone for Two weeks
    Repeat this process for a total of 12weeks (ending with the Clen /Test weeks) and following with Clenbuterol and Clomid in week 13.

    This isn't a cycle idea that I came up with - but I'm taking all suggestions so please include your comments on the one I presented as well as your own. Thanks.

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    My drol is on its way, ill be runnin it four weeks straight 50 50 100 150. I cant wait

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    it takes about 4 weeks to see results from sust, so 2 weeks on it would be a waste. stack it WITH the a50 for the best results, awesome combo. depending on your cycle history, you can expect about 9-14 lbs from a cycle of a50. you will probably lose just over half of what you gain . i am not a big fan of anadrol , you would be much better off using dbol IMO. forget all the high tech formulas and run the a50 and sust straight through bro...

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    keep it going

    I agree with Big Kev, you should not stop and start like that. It was about 2 years ago when I used a50. I used 100mg per day for about 4 weeks. Impressive results, but you'll lose some of the gains includeing strength. I gained about 25 lbs, on that. I also know now that I should have started out with something eles. A50 is the strongest anobolic steroid . So if this is your first stack, you may want to try something eles, and save that for later.

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    I had good or even excellent gains in size and strength, also large increase in acne. Lost most of the size and eventually the strength but I had poor diet and was hectic with work once I stopped. Follow with testosterone to help keep gains longer. Use test prop if you want to use for only 2 weeks but personally I would run for 6 weeks after the drol.

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    Re: If you have used Anadrol....

    Originally posted by thalaktos
    To get the most QUALITY gains from Anadrol with the LEAST danger to your liver:
    protecting your liver is the easy part, its obtaining QUALITY gains that is difficult...........

    i used abombs once.....and only once--still have 28hemos left as a matter of fact and im not sure if ill ever take em. like IG, i too experienced really bad acne, i gained over 25lbs in 3wks and was so swollen that my feet/hands looked funny. this was during/around x-mass which is the perfect time to pack on size an my mother's jaw dropped. she asked WTF was wrong with my face as i had become a moonpie man overnight.

    yes, you will get really strong and gain alot of weight, but i think the only real applications of this AAS is right prior to a competition and/or the higher weight-classes with regards to powerlifting.

    dbol and/or stano will yeild much better quality gains than will really is a harsh drug---im no newbie to gear and i never went over 1 hemo (50mg)/day as i did not need to. actually, if i ever use em again it may be at 25mg/day........

    either way..............good luck on your cycle


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