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    If you have used Cytomel or other T3

    If you have used Cytomel I would like your opinion on how it worked - as well as how your body did after going off of it... (i.e. did you put on a lot of fat? Is your thyroid output low now?)
    Rather your results were good or bad please post how you took it and what the end result was.
    Also - I am taking suggestions on what would be good to help a woman lose some fat and cut up besides Clenbuterol . This is for my girlfriend and she has a nasty reaction to Clen or anything that's very thermogenic... (so that rules out most OTC fat burners)
    Obviously Winstrol is the first thing that comes to mind, but remember, she is a woman and I'd rather her not sound like a man so let's stay away from that.

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    t3 is a good product, but i would not take it if i wasnt on some type of anabolic , as it will eat into your muscle as well as your fat. not good. i stay on it from 3-4 weeks, no longer than that. start out with one pill broken up in 3 peices, take one peice morning, 1 peice noon, 1 peice about 6 or 7. you want to keep it at a level state in your system throughout the day, not just one big spike. work your way up to taking 3 whole pills per day, spaced in the same manner. taper down the same way that you tapered up, this downward taper is important. clen goe real well with it.
    maybe your girl can get on some type of diet pill. phentermine will knock the weight off of you real fast. you have to get it through a weight loss clinic or on the black market.
    hope this helps...

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