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    first cycle--critique

    Ok, I'm getting ready to start my first cycle I'm currently 21 and have been consistently lifting hard since I was 18. I've actually been lifting since I was 16.. I'm 6-2, 195-200 lbs with a very low bodyfat. I've been researching this cycle for a little over a year. Here's what my cycle looks like:
    Weeks 1-4 Russian d-bol 30mg ed
    Weeks 1-8 500mg every week of ICN Galinka Test enath.
    Weeks 1-13 .5 arimidex ed, 2000mg of ALA ed, 320 mg of Saw Palmetto extract ed, 1/4 tab of proscar ed, spiro cream ed, vitamin B5 10grams ed..

    clomid therapy goes like this:
    300mg 1st day
    100mg 10 days
    50mg 10 days
    50mg eod 10 days

    Here's my questions:
    1) I should start clomid therapy 3 weeks after last test enath. injection. Right? So I should start it on week 11..
    2) Should I run arimidex at .25 or .5 ed? I have nolvadex on hand also.
    3) What else should I use post cycle, other than HCG , to help keep gains? I was thinking creatine at 10 grams ed, and glutamine at 30 grams ed along with the clomid, arimidex, and ala.
    4) Another option I was looking at, was running 40mg of papervar, starting on week 6 and going until I start clomid at week 11. So, that would be 5 weeks of 40mg var. Should I bump it up to 60mg? Would it be worth it? I'd liek to keep as much gains as possible.

    As you can tell, I plan for the worst. I have my nizoral 2%, proscar, spiro cream, minoxidil & azelaic acid, saw palmetto berry extract & nixoin shampoo for hairloss. I also have my vitamin b5, ordering the Proactiv acne complex, Oxy-10, Neutrogena body wash,a nd azelaic acid for acne. I also have a shitload of protein containers stored away and have already begun storing my fish, steak, ect. from the Schwann's man.

    I hope to keep 20 pounds of muscle after this cycle, as my ideal bodyweight is 220-225. Possible?
    Any suggestins would be helpful. thanks.

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    One thing, you for got the kitchen sink!! j/k, bro!
    I can't give you any expert advice on the cycle, b/c I'm not starting my first one until two weeks from now. So I don't have the experience like some of the other fellas here. However, I don't know if you've ordered the proactiv yet..if you haven't then I'd think twice. IMO, Clinique facial soap is much better and you'll save some cash compared to proactiv. I used both back in high school, and Clinique was the shit. just my .02


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    First thing first. I think you should prolong the test to 10 weeks. This way you can run the papervar fom week 8 to week 12 or 13 and jump into clomid 3 days after your last papervar.

    For the clomid 21 days is enough. You wont need the last 10 days of 50mg eod.

    I don't think you'll need the arimadex at all on this cycle, but if it eases yourmind take it at .25mg ed.

    You should be able to put 20# on this cycle. Good luck and remember that lifting hard after your cycle is done is just as important in maintaining your gains. Some people, because of lack of pump and strength decrease, slacks off after the cycle.

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