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    A Must Read For ** Aka ** Users?

    I am going to do my second cycle soon, and was gonna purchase some ** arimidex .25mg, and some ** nolvadex 20mg from a good source, i know he's good cause my friends have gotten other gear off him before.

    ** is a underground company i know that. Now people say that his injectables are crap, and his orals are okay. I know that ** arimidex has been tested and has been found at .21mg and floats around that range, not so sure about his nolvadex.

    Why is it that his shit is so fucked up, why can't his shit be all properly dosed. I don't want to pay for Astra Zeneca shit, its good, but far to expensive. I would like to get arimidex and nolvadex from ** but not sure how good its gonna be.

    I mean is it or can it be totally bunk, or its just some batches that are fucked up, how do i know which ones are good, and which ones lick ass.

    Some even say his orals let alone his injectables are not worth buying, yet others say its very good. What do you guys say about this, and in general any thoughts/comments/experiences on ** products.

    P.S. is the ** guy's lab in china, or doe he have one in china and the USA.

    thanx alot bros.

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    If you want to get really cheap gear by someone who "home" brews it then you really can't turn around and complain. I don't use his gear but many people do with success. The bottom line is you are paying for beer and complaining it doesn't taste like champagne.

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    exactly right you get what you pay for.. i don't have any complaints about any of his gear i've had good gains from his orals, and injects.
    bro his arimidex is good, and so is his noval..

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    Ditto---you get what you pay for.

    It's like you can't by a Cavalier or some shit and bitch about the fact that it doesn't peform like a Vette.

    And Zenaca Arimidex isn't that expensive, I've seen it for $80 US for 28 tabs.

    Even still get some Liquidex instead.

    What Anti-e's did you use on your first cycle?

    ***Nobody PM me for Arimidex!!!***

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    its russian roulet if you will, some you win some you lose...etc...there are too many variables to consider when trying to get a good batch of his stuff...good luck

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    I tend to think that his gear is legit. Although I dont think he has the production control many of his customers want. But if you think about the price/mg's then its a great buy even if underdosed as some claim. If you can get some other pharm. gear for anywhere near his price, or can afford pharm. gear, I dont think anyone in there right minds would tell you not to go with it. But some of us are poor mofo, trying to get buffidy-buff-buff for as little money as possible.

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